Finding Hubs, Gatherings

& Churches

There are Hubs and Gatherings and Churches arising all across our nation that look vastly different to anything we've known in the past. Groups of people addicted to Jesus and one another who follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to ascend, govern and release what Papa has for this time and season on earth. 

We regularly receive emails from people wanting to find, or start, safe places to explore with others what the Lord is doing in this new era. It's such a great encouragement for us to discover more and more groups we didn't even know existed, emerging in our nation and interconnecting, heart to heart and spirit to spirit in unity.

Where possible, we’re happy to assist with pointing you in the right direction or in finding and suggesting small groups, gatherings and churches committed to journeying this way who carry a similar DNA.

If you'd like to know more OR are running a hub, gathering or church leaning into the new  and would like to connect, contact Glory Rev direct via email.

Rick Joyner - Morningstar Ministries,  "2017 & Beyond" - Come Up Here!