The Roar of revolution

There can be no revolution with contented people! There's got to be more!  
Dis-content with the occasional "whiff" of the supernatural lifestyle  we were desperately hungry for the more we read about in the bible. What followed, has turned our lives and the lives of so many others, completely upside down! Shattered, are the glass ceilings of limitations of our thinking that we and others placed over us. 

ALL THINGS really are possible to them that believe!

For all creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. - Romans 8:19

There is a sound reverberating across the planet for His church to return to who we were always made to be; -Spiritual beings made in His image with Jesus as the pattern. Where "all things" truly are possible to them that believe. 

Throughout history radical men and women have made themselves of no reputation to impact their respective day by day world from the transcendent realm of heaven. They've refused to be constrained by the knowledge or rules of their time, living under the ceiling of heaven itself. This has often gone against what most believed possible. They blazed a trail, transforming, impacting and bringing change wherever they went. Refusing to settle for "comfortable", "popular" or "safe". they were willing to take massive risks to come into new territory and shatter the glass ceilings of their time.

An invitation has been issued to walk in the ancient streams of truth. A call has gone out. Will we be counted among the company of men who walk in a reckless abandonment for the things of Heaven? 


"A procedure or a course, as if in a circuit back to the starting point"

I (Jenny) grew up as a child in an extra-ordinary church that believed in supernatural healing, signs and miracles at a time when most western churches believed God only healed in the bible. 

Many, told me miracles "weren't possible for today" and "weren't from God", but this was my "normal" and despite what they said, I watched people got healed and saved in their thousands! A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.

Thankfully whenever God restores something, there are early embracers who forge ahead until what was once rare, eventually becomes familiar.


"There's a voice calling us out of ignorance into an expansive future beyond our wildest dreams. A future beyond the limitations of space and time, the mind and the physical body." -Justin Abraham

The era has changed and once the sound has been "heard" it's impossible to go back to our pre-stretched ways. 

"Perhaps some of what the Lord is about to do will shock and awe many people. As in the past historical moves of revolution, there'll be those who resist and harden their hearts, desiring to hold onto old ways and mindsets. Change is often difficult because it forces us to rethink hardened opinions and be willing to remove ourselves from the rights of comfortable lifestyles. However, in spite of of those who resist the revolution, there will be those who embrace it, jumping on board and following Jesus into new and unchartered territory. Some things that God's will manifest in these coming days have never been done before, Things that stretch the imagination and challenge our intellect" - Patricia King

"The change that is coming to the body of Christ is so profound that the world will have a new definition of Christianity" - Paul Keith Davis

There can be no revolution with contented people!

God has been busy fanning the flame of discontentment within the hearts of His people so we will not settle for less than He has for us. 

What you feel brooding within your spirit is a Divine dissatisfaction. The seed bed for true revolution is dissatisfied people, reaching a place of radical reaction, responding to the lack of action. It’s time for the body of Christ to awake and arise! (see Romans 13:11-14). 

- Bobby Connor - September 12, 2016

The question is, how far out of the boat are you willing to go?