glory i revolution

Awakening, transforming and empowering the Father's manifest sons into their true identity & function

that they might take their place to rule & govern from heaven to earth as reflections of His glory.  

His visible, tangible, recognisable light in all of the earth.


  • a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to the original starting point. (our original & intended shape)
  • a fundamental change in the way of thinking  about or visualising something : a change of paradigm

It's a whole new era!

We’re living in the greatest time ever! A time of massive shifts and change! A time where the church is about to rise up in a power and glory we have not witnessed since the first century.  A time where God's people are awakening to who they really are and shifting out of the limitations of an old mindset that has kept them constrained. A time where the reality of Kingdom realms is being manifest and our role as sons - no longer optional.

Many are in transition, hearing a sound from heaven and responding. Letting go of old structures, old paradigms, and old ways of thinking  to embrace the new. Even the way we "do" church is changing in preparation for what's coming. So much looks so different! We're increasingly engaging the Kingdom realms and watching things change in response, on earth. Nameless, faceless lovers who live fully immersed in Him whose model and pattern is Jesus.  This company of people emerging - the literal fulfilment of John 14:12, - doing the works that Jesus did and greater!


We are a body of lovers responding to the beckoning of Jesus.

Part of a new generation of Kingdom pioneers pushing out the boundaries - unwilling to settle for the limitations of this present time. Pursuing greater intimacy with Him, we gather together to forge new pathways of Kingdom expansion unified by our intense love for Jesus & one another. A company of nameless, faceless ones from diverse backgrounds, with different ministries and callings, responding to the invitation from heaven to explore the more of the Kingdom Age and open it up for others. 

We seek to partner with the Lord to see God's people come into greater freedom.  Shattering the earth based paradigms and glass ceilings that have kept His body caged and anchored in this earthly realm instead of living in the heavenly realms. 

In short, His church  - Re-imagined!

About Dave & Jen

David and Jen are passionate about seeing God’s people live in the shape they were always intended to be - as reflections of Christ. 

Reformers of the old, equippers of the new, they bring practical keys to help God's people live in the unseen realm releasing the miraculous, and experiencing and encountering God for themselves in new ways and higher dimensions.

Their greatest desire is see the Father's manifest sons emerge and live from their true identity. Free from the earth focussed paradigms and constraints that have kept them anchored in this realm, they will rule & govern from heaven to earth as containers of His glory. His visible, tangible, recognisable light on all of the earth ushering in a great day of awe and wonders such has never been seen before.

Currently living in Melbourne with their son, David and Jen have pastored in various sized congregations for the past 25 years before stepping out in early 2013 as itinerate ministers to awaken and prepare the wider body of Christ for this new era.