For some years, I had been desiring and believing God for a gemstone from heaven. A supernatural sign and wonder from my heavenly Father. For no other reason than I just wanted one!

Dave and I have seen many, many incredible miracles as we’ve prayed for people. Cancers healed, blood pressure permanently changed, horrific conditions completely reversed. I never get tired of them! I love seeing displays that confound and amaze of the goodness of God poured out on mankind! Signs that just make you wonder!

At the end of last year, David and I were speaking at a Supernatural Ministry School. One of the students had brought in some gemstones she had received through heavenly encounters. Unexplainable in natural terms. I remember being impressed by her child-like uncomplicated faith. She simply believed! I remember holding one in my hand for a few minutes framing it up in my mind;- what it looked like, what it felt like, how heavy it was etc etc. That night I declared to the ministry school students that I was fully expecting a gemstone to arrive “one day”

I didn’t give it another thought. A day and a half later though, I went to do the grocery shopping and get my trolley out, (you now the type that requires a gold coin to release)! I had recently cleaned out my purse and knew I had a couple of coins in the zippered section. To my utter surprise, when I undid the zip, there along with the 2 gold coins, was a small gemstone! I couldn’t believe it and at the same time I could! My brain was doing cart-wheels. I had complete faith for this, yet I was still totally stunned when my gemstone actually appeared! Completely differently from the way I was expecting. (How quickly we try to box God)! I was totally, utterly awestruck!

I pulled the gemstone out, held it in my hand as I tried to complete the grocery shop;- the biggest grin on my face, my head in the clouds and my heart full of joy and worship! My heavenly Father loves to lavish His love and goodness on His kids. Whatever it’s worth, doesn’t matter – it’s priceless! A reminder I am loved and cherished! A gift from my heavenly Father who knows and cares about the desires of our hearts!