Justin in Oz - MAY 2017

Grass Roots Tour of OZ

This tour has now concluded but has been a tremendous time, deeply impacting! We had no idea how profound this time would be for those who attended and the regions that hosted. Every place was unique but all have experienced rapid change and massive shifts. Never the same! Deep encounters, awakening and an arising of the sons in our nation!  There's no getting back in the boat! Never the same again! If you missed it and would like to know what's coming up or would like to know when we release one of the podcasts from the tour, join our mailing list. Click Here.

May the impact of what takes place in the Spirit throughout our nation during this time, totally change the landscape of all we thought we knew

and continue to reverberate throughout the course of history!!

Some snaps from our recent grassroots tour - with Justin Abraham - may 2017

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  • Revelation!

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Highly Recommended Pre-Reading

This book and it's matching CD is transforming lives across the planet, changing the way the Body of Christ thinks. Part of the shift for re-positioning as Sons of the Living God.  If you are planning on coming to any of the meetings, we highly suggest you beg, borrow or better still, buy a copy and begin digesting it in your quiet times with the Lord.

We will have some "Beyond Human" books available at most of the meetings for purchase unless sold out.

Audio available only at Company of Burning Hearts' website.

Winds of Change

At the conclusion of our "Let There Be Light" conference in May last year, we held a private day for around 80 Pastors and Leaders from all over our nation. This day was one of the most overwhelming manifestations of heaven invading earth that we've ever personally seen or experienced. Even nature itself responded as a sign of what the Lord was doing in our nation while everyone in the room was filled with Holy awe and reverence of the Lord. 

The magnitude of this time together is still being felt. 

Below, Justin shares his encounter on the day and the dream for Australia and beyond that followed.