Landed & Expectant! 

Worship snapshot

A small taste of some of the worship from one of the night sessions at our recent "Let There Be Light" conference. Loved the freshness of the worship and the oneness of the team who all had but one agenda - to follow the Holy Spirit and release whatever they heard and saw in heaven. 




Let There be light

Conference Practicals

There’s a new kind of “normal” emerging - beyond anything we've previously known!

-Jenny von Blanckensee

This conference is completely SOLD OUT with a lengthy waiting list so to assist our registration desk, please PRINT your ticket confirmation and bring it with you. (DO NOT turn up at the door expecting to get in if you are not registered as much as we'd love to, we simply can't accommodate extras). 

We even have numbers of people from different nations, flying in and believing God for tickets to open up!  If you you CAN NO LONGER COME or know YOU WON'T BE COMING to ALL SESSIONS, please take a second to let us know by  CLICKING HERE

With a portion, assembling from every state throughout Australia for this conference, we're believing God for a shift so sizeable in our nation that none of us can ever be the same! To this end, we’re giving Justin and Nancy complete permission to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with what they share. No holding back!  Join us in praying that collectively we’ll have "eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying" with greater clarity than ever before.

Expect to be stretched, inspired, undone, challenged and possibly even offended at times during this conference as the Lord enlarges our thinking, changes our paradigms and brings us into greater alignment with heaven’s agenda for this era. Most of all, expect to emerge as radical lovers and reflectors of Jesus to a desperate world. Our speakers will be framing up a different reality. One which is currently emerging around our planet - unstoppable! It doesn't look like what we've previously known.

To get the most out of this time together we ask you in the lead up, to be spending as much time as you can in prayer asking the Lord to prepare your heart and spirit for what He is wanting to release. Everything we’ve done to date feels like it has been building for this time so come in unity, expecting to encounter God like never before!


David and Jen!


    (The Conference Schedule will be emailed direct to registered delegates)

    • 6:45pm - REGISTRATIONS OPEN in Forsyth Hall                                                  
    • (a different part of the same church property with a separate entrance)
    • Arms bands will be checked prior to entry for all sessions.
    • (only those involved on the night in setting up, facilitating or music will be admitted prior to this) 
    • Registrations will be in a separate hall on the same property to ease congestion. This hall has a separate entry beside the kitchen and near the toilets. 
    • Once registered, make your way over to the main entrance for the church.
    • If you are registering on a different day, please go direct to the registration desk in the church foyer.
  • PARKING & Transport

    There is a designated carpark opposite the church.

    1 Frank St, Box Hill South.

    If you can possibly CAR POOL with friends, please do so. 

    We ask you to not park prior to 6:30pm for the night services and 9:15am for the day sessions. Please park as considerately as possible as we need to get as many people parked in this area as we possibly can.

    Delegates can also park in the surrounding streets with care. 

    In Melbourne, it's wise to observe street signs carefully to avoid a hefty fine!

    For those needing info about other forms of transport please click here to go to our Parking and transport page.


    The venue will be very full and we will need every single seat!  (With younger people possibly needing to sit on the floor if needed).

    To avoid seating nightmares, seats cannot be saved ahead of time for othersPlease assist us with this. We know it’s inconvenient and a little different from usual but will help us start on time.

  • Morning Tea, refreshments & local Dining options

    To gain the most from this time, we have allowed a bathroom break only for morning tea. We suggest you bring some light refreshments and nibbles to tide you over until lunch time. These you are welcome to eat outside during the break. 

    Please note, only water can be consumed in the venue.

    For a guide to local restaurants and cafes close to the venue please click here

  • Recordings & conference teachings

    NO part of this conference may be privately recorded or posted including for personal use. We ask you to work with us on this. 

    It is our hope this time, to release as much of the conference as we possibly can (depending on where the Lord takes us and what the Holy Spirit gives us permission for).

    If you are on our mailing list or subscripted to our podcasts, you'll be the first notified as they are released.

    Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes particularly to capture the many slides that Nancy will refer to.

    Please note;- conference delegates may be filmed, photographed or recorded as part of this conference and these images and recordings may be used by Glory Revolution for advertising or promotional purposes as they see fit. Images and recordings may be used in a variety of formats including websites, emails and newsletters etc, etc. 

    By choosing to attend this conference, you have agreed to these conditions.

  • Many hands

    We'd love it if you'd give us a hand. If you see rubbish that needs to be picked up or something that needs attention that you can solve, feel free to do so. We may not notice but you'll attract the attention of THE ONE.

    We know many of you are only too happy to pitch in at the end and give our small team a hand packing down. If you can possibly do that this time, we'd love to hear from you! CLICK HERE

  • Conference teaser

    Congratulations! You've made it this far, (or at least scrolled down this far) so here's a 7 min conference teaser on the Times and Seasons we're living in - with Nancy Coen! 

    Don't forget to check back regularly as we'll keep adding, snippets, teasers and photos when Nancy and Justin arrive! 

  • Conference prep

    This one's a rich gem!   Guaranteed to help you get in the zone in HIM.

    Justin speaking on - Psalm 23  March 2016  - USA

    Highly recommended (but poor audio quality). 


    Nancy Coen is one of THE most remarkable people we've ever had the privilege of meeting. A living picture of what a manifest son of God really looks like. 

    Pushing 70, Nancy has the energy and vitality of a young person. 

    Her personal stories of mass salvations, signs and wonders will leave you gobsmacked and determined to apprehend the fullness of heaven's design in your own life. Her ministry brings powerful paradigm shifts and is catalytic in releasing the sons and daughters of God into a destiny far more wonderful than most of us have ever imagined possible.

    Nancy regularly ministers to Kings, presidents, governments, the homeless and outcasts around the globe and has personally led thousands to Christ. God often sends her to the darkest places on the face of the earth to unleash astounding demonstrations of the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven and the love of God. Signs, wonders, miracles, resurrections, creative miracles, mass salvations and Kingdom Reformation have become a normal way of life for this Grandma.

    She models a life of incredible intimacy with God and is declaring the rise of an Enoch Generation that walks face to face with God in the heavens to release Kingdom Refomation on the earth.

    To watch some of her remarkable stories click here.    


    Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts needs little introduction to most of us, A man on a mission to see the glory of God cover the face of the earth. With around 1 million downloads of his podcasts, Justin is known and loved for his uncompromising passion for Jesus. His revelations and teachings are impacting and transforming lives across the planet and shaping a generation to frame up a different future.