"Upwards" Winter Retreat - fully booked.

Aug 31-Sept 2,   Melbourne

Extra Night with Nancy Coen

Sept 3,   Ringwood - Melbourne

We have decided to add a special extra night with Nancy Coen on Monday Sept 3, 2018 in Melbourne’s South East.

As Nancy will only be ministering in Melbourne (Aus) this trip and our retreat is full, we have decided to host an extra night so that all who desire the more, to live Heaven on Earth get a chance to hear her inspiring stories.

This is a night for everyone not satisfied living "ordinary" Christian lives who want to manifest the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven wherever we go and not just talk about it! All are welcome.

It is our very great honour to welcome back Nancy Coen. Nancy is one of the most exceptional people on the planet. A true living example of what it means to live like Christ. At 70, Nancy has the energy and vitality of a young child and the infectious joy and laughter to match!
She lives and ministers in the power of the Spirit like one of the mystics of old demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven wherever she goes. God has called her to unveil the Age of the Kingdom of Heaven and her ministry brings powerful paradigm shifts.  TO LISTEN  

Nancy regularly ministers to Kings, presidents, governments, the homeless and outcasts around the globe. God often leads her to the darkest places on the face of the earth to unleash powerful demonstrations of the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven and the love of God. Signs, wonders, miracles, resurrections, creative miracles, mass salvations and Kingdom Reformation have become a normal way of life for this loving Grandma from Texas. She has ministered in every Muslim nation on the planet apart from two that banned her before she got there.

She models a life of incredible intimacy with God and is declaring the rise of an Enoch Generation that walks face to face with God in the heavens and brings Kingdom Reformation on the earth. Do everything within your power to receive from her ministry!!!


We'd love you to join us in releasing and honouring Nancy as she sows into our nation. We'd love her to be richly blessed.
We are extraordinarily fortunate to have exceptional people like Nancy challenge and shift our paradigms painting a living picture of what we are all called to look life - Life givers who manifest Heaven on Earth wherever we go!