Phillip Island Adventure Resort

ADDRESS -      1775  Phillip Island Rd  
                          Cowes,   Victoria  3922

CHECK IN  -      from 5:00pm Friday Aug 31, 2018

START TIME:-   7:00 pm

CHECK OUT -  After lunch (by 1:30pm) Sunday Sept 2, 2018

(except the group who have otherwise been advised)

Downloadable Brochure Phillip Island

Updated Delegate Details

  • getting there

    By Car

    Travel on the Monash Freeway (M1) SE Suburbs and exit at the Cranbourne and Phillip Island exit to the South Gippsland Why (M420). The highway continues to the Bass Why (A420) which will take you through Grantville, Corinella and Bass. Continue on towards San Remo and Phillip Island.

    You'll find Phillip Island Adventure Resort at 1775-1801 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes just before A Maze'N Things and opposite the Koala Conservation Centre.

    Phillip Island boasts idyllic beaches, breath taking natural beauty and rugged coastlines, all within around 90 minutes from the CBD.

    Phillip Island Adventure Park is set amongst 80 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens and lakes, close to many of the islands attractions and windswept beaches.

    Download the Phillip Island Map


    On Entering the Property drive up the driveway until you come to the BOOM GATE.

    Drive right up to the boom gate and it will open allowing you to enter the Campsite/Resort.



    Check-in for the resort is anytime after 5:00 - 7:00pm on Friday August 31, 2018

    The retreat will start promptly at 7:00 pm on Friday night meeting in the Smith/Woolamai Dining/Function Room on the 31 of August with supper following. 

    Download the Campsite Map.    

    Download the Rooms Map  

    To get your room number you’ll need to head to the orange rendered room ( see pic)  known as breakout room 3, and sign in. Check in is between 5 & 7pm. For those arriving later than this, please check-in at supper.

    We will end our final session by 1:30 pm on Sunday after lunch to allow plenty of time for those travelling.

    We have a bunch of different activities for free time Saturday afternoon. Be prepared to nominate which activities you’d like to do during this time so we can staff those needing activities needing to be staffed. Activities will be discussed Friday Night.

    Meal Times are Fixed

    8:00am    for Breakfast            Meeting 9:30aam

    11:30am  Morning Tea             afternoon tea flexible.

    1:00pm    Lunch

    6:00pm    Dinner                        Meeting 7:30pm

    Our schedule will move around these  times as the Spirit Leads Us.

  • Dinner Friday Night

    Dinner on Friday night is NOT INCLUDED. We suggest you register and then go and get something to eat or pick up something on the way. There are a heaps of wonderful options to choose if you have your own transport. Fish in Chips at San Remo are legendary, the little village at Woolamai which is closest to our venue has a handful of different takeaway options or you can travel into the main street of Cowes for something more substantial. For further info check the  Where to Eat Here


    How to bring out the best in Nancy:-

    Sometimes speakers at retreats have nowhere to escape from well meaning but desperately hungry people who want to suck them dry forgetting to look after the speakers' needs and thinking only of their own. This creates a platform that rarely brings out the best in speakers.

    Our team works hard to create a safe place for speakers we bring in to chat and connect with delegates outside of meetings rather than rush them off to “green rooms” or “private spaces”. You are most welcome to approach and chat with Nancy and her daughter Shannon outside of sessions but we ask that you are respectful of her space and the space and needs of others who might like to also chat with her. This is one stop in a very long tour of several countries for Nancy and Shannon. As such, she may be really happy to share stories all night long but It’s honouring to ask whether it’s a good time to have quick chat rather than presuming it is or making demands on her for ministry. 

    If Nancy or Shannon have gone to their rooms, don’t disturb them. We want Nancy to have plenty of time to engage with the Lord during this weekend and release what He is asking her to release for our nation. 

  • LOVE OFFERING & Trading

    We are extraordinarily fortunate to have exceptional forerunners like Nancy willingly come and pour into us on behalf of our nation. Let’s be prepared to pour back into her! A two way exchange!

    Please come prepared with a cash offering to lavish and sow into Nancy herself trading into whatever she is called to release amongst us. We want to reap a part of her harvest and send her on the next leg of her journey deliriously joyful knowing her expenses are all paid with plenty extra to bless her.

    We encourage you to spend some time ahead of time framing up the extraordinary with the Lord around this and whatever He says to you, sow it. 


    You are most welcome to trade coins or cash during the meetings intentionally agreeing with something our speakers may share. There is no pressure to take part in this and all monies will go directly to Nancy. Please come prepared with coins and cash if you wish to do this.

  • Recordings and social media

    We ask that you do not record the sessions via any manner or for any use, including for personal use.  

    David and I honour our speakers by giving them complete freedom over whether they wish their teachings to be released to a wider audience, and if so, how and when. Often what is brought in this new era has a grace just for the participants who were in the room at the time and not necessarily for those who were not there. 

    I know many of our speakers have felt dishonoured in other places when people release their teachings without their permission or knowledge.

    We're happy for you to take photos but ask you not to splash them all over social media. Instead we'll set up a closed retreat FB page so those who attend can share their highlights and special moments but we still protect the privacy of those who attend. 


    Dietary Requirements have now been submitted to the venue.

    When at the retreat, please leave the "vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc” meals to those who have specifically requested them, otherwise some people will not have a meal to eat.  

    We’ve done our best to accomodate your preferences re rooms though in some cases we’ve had to add a few more people to fit everyone in. We regret we were not able to offer private rooms. Please extend us much grace in this process. It has taken a lot of juggling.


    All Resort guest rooms are fully air-conditioned with ensuites. Most rooms accomodate 6 but have 2-3 staying over the course of the weekend.

    Please embrace those you may not know and those who have come by themselves not knowing anyone else  connecting them in quickly so no one feels left out.

    Please Note;-

    1. NO FOOD is allowed by the venue to be eaten in rooms with exception of the 2 suites.
    2. PLEASE DON'T SWAP ROOMS. The venue has a register with all names and room allocations.

  • Dress

    Dress is neat casual. 

    Dress appropriately for windy, damp and possibly really cold, conditions on Phillip Island.

    Bring walking shoes and or runners, jumpers and thermals, a rain jacket and warm outer wear, beanies, thick scarves and casual wear. The wind can be very cold at times on Phillip Island. 

    If you are from the warmer, sunnier, states remember to pack lots of layers as the weather can change in a heartbeat. Rooms are all heated but outside can be freezing when the wind is blowing. 

    As a former Queenslander enjoying winters with days of up 27C I know this is a difficult concept to get your head around. Think snow outside with rooms heated so it’s important to be able to quickly add and remove layers easily.

  • What’s Provided

    Linen and towels are provided along with all meals from supper Friday night to lunch on Sunday.  Includes cooked breakfasts, morning and afternoon tea.

    Use of all amenities of the resort including the twin flying fox and giant swing, table tennis, tennis, canoes etc etc.


    * Bring, something to add for our supper feast on Friday night.

    * 1 packet of MARSHMALLOWS

    * Your own personal snacks, 
    * musical instruments, 
    * card or board games in case it’s wet.
    * bible
    * toiletries
    * comfortable warm clothes. 
    * Runners or comfortable shoes and warm, suitable clothes for some group activities  outside. 
    * Any medications you require etc etc.
    * A spirit of adventure!


    You will see these large and relatively rare pale grey geese throughout the campsite at the moment (so watch where you stand)! The geese have their goslings with them so best not to get too close or threaten them or their babies in anyway as they can become aggressive.


    We regret that all registration money is non-refundable as final numbers and bedding configurations have been submitted to the venue.

  • Additional Meeting - MONDAY 7:00pm SEPT 3, 2018

    Retreat Delegates only can come for Free (SHHHH)!

    Monday Night SEPT 3, 2018 is a night for those unable to join us at the retreat due to our deliberately restricted numbers.

    If you'd love to help us by serving as part of the team we'd be most grateful. 

    This night will be a teaching session much more like a conference night.

    All retreat delegates are welcome to attend for free but we'd ask you to come prepared for a love offering instead to help cover our costs.

    Please compete the registration form on the website as seating is limited. Details of venue and time are on the registration.


This is NOT A CONFERENCE  but an organic and interactive gathering of significant ones from around our nation.  As such, be prepared to participate rather than observe, flexible  with a format that may change depending on where the Lord leads as we assemble together.

Many of you have asked if we have any preparation you an do for the retreat, and the answer is undoubtedly, "YES”.

Over these past few years, large numbers of us on this journey have found ourselves not fitting into structured Sunday church services like we once did. Some have a grace to remain, others have been taken out by the Lord Himself. Large numbers of us have also transitioned from listening to podcasts and teachings on a regular basis to being tutored by Papa Himself. We’re growing up from being children and coming into the fullness of our inheritance.



It would awesome if all coming would take some time to specifically engage with the Lord ahead of time  over this retreat and see what He is revealing to us for this time individually and corporately. Let’s frame up a time that impacts our lives and nation for many years to come. Hopefully there will be opportunity to share what you are sensing/seeing over times of discussion during the course of this weekend.


We are acutely aware that the Lord’s agenda for the retreat is very tied to the strengthening and knitting together of divine relationships around the nation. To this end, we’ll make time for outdoor activities and unstructured sessions not just meetings and teaching. Much of what the Lord will release this weekend may come through conversations and connecting with others on the same journey. Let's all come with the walls down, allowing ourselves permission to embrace the new and to dive in wholeheartedly to experience the richness of all He has for us. 

It’s time to live unafraid!


As a refresher, even if you don’t listen to podcasts much these days, we’d love you to revisit some favs online. Particularly “New Dimensions”  so we’re all on the same page when we gather.