Books for Children

We've recently come across some fabulous books written especially for children to help them on this journey. 

If you are interested in getting a copy please send us an email and we'll give you all the details or order a digital copy online.


    by Helen Toews.

    In this story we find Jake in a serious personal crisis. He steals something and his guilt takes him to the place where he and the Lord speak together about the situation. (See “Jacob’s Ladder”) 

    In their discussion, Jesus reveals that there is a huge difference between being sorry for something and what it means to repent from your heart. The principle taught is to help us to see that there is a heavenly courtroom protocol to prayer in Scripture. 

    Heaven really does have Courtroom. There really is a Judge of All in that place. And Jesus, who walks with us always, is our lawyer when we enter into that place before our Heavenly Father (the Judge of All) and we take full responsibility for our actions. We need to always be quick to confess our sin and then be willing to turn and go back into the arms of the Lord – and walk daily with Him.

  • Jacob's Ladder Kingdom adventures with Jake and Jenny

    by Helen Toews.

    ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is the first in a series of Kingdom adventures written for children and the young at heart. It introduces Jake and Jenny, two very inquisitive siblings exploring Biblical truths. 

    Scriptures are an access or a gateway into the world of the Kingdom of Heaven that we can enter into at any time. Jacob’s Ladder is one of those. Jacob in the Bible, (Genesis 28:16,17) saw the Lord standing at the top of the ladder and that same gate is open to us today. Jesus is always there to meet us and to speak with us. 

    The Body of Christ has been asking for the Lord to visit us, to come down; when the fact is, He wants us to come up so He can show us around His Kingdom. Just like the disciple John on the Isle of Patmos heard a voice say “Come up here,” (Revelation 4:1) that same request is being asked of us today.