Venue - St Paul's Anglican Church Ringwood - 7:00pm

Meeting on the First Sat of every month unless otherwise advised.

Once a month called out, like- minded ones gather together in Melbourne's South East. 

We have a powerful time connecting, ascending, sharing stories and feasting together as we explore life together "In Him"

If you'd like some info about this gathering known as "The Collective" and you live in Melbourne or are visiting, feel free to join us or complete the form for more info.

This collaborative gathering facilitated by good friends of ours, Karin and Anton van der Valk meets once a month on a Saturday night @7:00pm

If you'd like to know more and are based in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA  please complete the form and you'll receive a personal email answering any questions you might have.   CLICK HERE

We're loving the many new groups that are currently emerging in our nation. Many look vastly different to anything we've seen modelled before. Often smaller more flexible groups who can move quickly with the winds of the Holy Spirit. People who know they've been called out of and invited into, something vastly different to anything we've ever experienced. Many have been hidden and divinely mentored by the Lord himself for years. "Boutique" not "mall" communities with diverse blueprints but a common "sound". 

"In our modern Bibles, the Word "church" has been used in place of the original Greek word "Ekklesia". Much has been lost to us through this translation. At that time in history Ekklesia was familiar word used to describe government. It literally means; those set apart for the sole purpose of implementing and exporting the vision and values of the culture they are responsible for. In essence then Jesus was saying;

I will build my government, my authority structure for the earth. It will be made up of those you who are fully set apart, who have "seen" who I am and have yielded to me as your king. Through you, I will advance my kingdom infusing the wisdom and values of my heart restoring division of creation I had at its inception." - Liz Wright. "The Rising Ekklesia"

Ekklesia definition

  1. The mystical body of Christ; A people called out from the world to God!
  2. A People ruled by the government of God's in dwelling Spirit!
  3. Citizens of another realm, Ambassadors of the Eternal Kingdom, of Heaven!

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